The Best Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing aids are medical devices which people with hearing loss or acute hearing problems use to improve their hearing ability. Hearing aids make sounds audible.

Most hearing aids have three features. The microphone through which it receives converts and sends sound waves. The amplifier magnifies the sound signals then sends the signs to the ear through the speaker.

How to select the best hearing aid Brand

Everyone wants to have a hearing aid from the best brand. It is easy to love a brand due to the positive feedback you have heard from close friends or online reviews. However, it is essential to know that different brands are suitable for other people.

When choosing the best brand for your hearing device, consider the following.

i. Research and development

Top brands prioritize research to find new ways of improving existing products or developing better ones for the user’s benefit. They invest in new technologies to improve the quality of existing devices and make new ones with better quality than the preceding ones. Click here to learn when do you know it’s time to get a hearing aid.

ii. Quality Products

The best products have features that can meet and satisfy the clients’ needs. The products should have no defects, and should there be any, and should have a warranty to cater to it.

A client should feel confident while using the product and not have to plan for impromptu visits now and then to have a problem fixed.

iii. Wide Range of Hearing Impairments

A pacesetter in the hearing industry should have a broad experience to meet patients’ needs with different hearing problems. There are three types of hearing Impairments, and a good brand should offer equipment that cuts across these losses.

iv. Collaborative Effort with Audiologists

Working with a health care professional who can assess ear damages and effectively manage the disorder will not only make the film credible.

It also gets the best recommendations. Working with brands with an audiologist enables you to obtain a treatment plan from an experienced professional. Additionally, you can get care before, during, and after the treatment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Hearing Aid

i. Cost and Budget

The first factor to consider is the lifestyle you lead. In doing so, this will also help you figure out the budget for your hearing aid purchase. The things you do daily will determine what type of hearing aid is right for you.

One thing to consider will be the price of the hearing device. Your lifestyle will positively determine the type and cost of the device. The activities you do daily and the environment you are in most hours of the day will affect the device’s choice. Different lifestyles demand hearing devices with additional features.

For instance, if your activities or work revolve around spending most of your time outdoors, you need hearing devices with high-end features, and a person who spends most time indoors will only need a basic hearing aid. A hearing device is a significant investment. That said, allow yourself to set a high budget to accommodate your desired features.

ii. Hearing Aid Appearance

A hearing device can be the best for you, but its physical appearance does not appeal to you. It might feel uncomfortable with people staring at you as you walk past them, and so appearance is a significant factor to consider during selection.

While searching, go through the different available styles and select one that will fit behind your ear. It should be comfortable, and you should be able to hide so that it is not too apparent to other people cautiously. Here are some great choices.

  • Entirely in the canal or mini CIC – A completely-in-the-canal hearing aid is small and the least visible type. This device fits inside the ear canal and is least visible.
  • In the canal – This type of device is custom made and partially fits the ear canal. It is not as visible as the large styles.

iii. Warranty

Be sure to confirm that the hearing aid has a guarantee that takes care of the labor used to fit it for a specified period and covers its different parts.

iv. The Trial Period

Some hearing aids have a trial period in which the user tries to adjust and get used to the device to ensure that it is the right one. You should ask the trial’s cost, if the charges are paid separately or if they are part of the hearing aid’s total cost. Also, find out if there is a refund if you return the assistance within the trial period.

v. Future Needs

When choosing a hearing device, it would be wise to ask if they can accommodate future changes. Your hearing loss can become worse. Hearing aids that are adjustable, especially the ability to increase power, will serve you well.

How We Choose the Best Hearing Aid Brands

Customer Service

The buying and fitting hearing aids is not a one day process. It takes time to adjust, and a client might have numerous questions about repairs, warranty, setup, and adjustments. Therefore, you must get people who are available to help you when you need clarification.

A strong customer service team is one of the key things we look into when choosing and ranking a hearing brand.

Sound Quality

The clarity of sound in a device is what defines the levels of sound quality. For you to understand the world, the sound needs to be precise. The best brands invest in technologies that minimize the noise in your background and amplify the sounds you intend to hear.


Acquiring a hearing aid is an expensive venture that most insurance companies do not cover, making it unaffordable for most people. Therefore, the client must get the right device with quality standards that are worth your money.

Useful Features

The most fundamental feature of a device is the ability to hear what is around you. However, other great features are luxurious and very useful in improving the user’s experience. Such features include app control, Bluetooth capabilities, and on the fly adjustments.

Best Hearing Aid Brands

Audien Hearing

Founded by Katherine Reid, Audien hearing is a new entrant into the market with unbeatable prices. The company has focused on doing what is necessary to deliver high-quality devices at the most affordable rates ever.

Audien hearing has been able to drastically reduce the prices by reducing the cost associated with audiologist visits. Audien hearing has modeled itself to manufacture hearing aids affordable to ordinary people. Cognizant that the production of hearing gadgets is about $100, Katherine produces hearing devices that fit everyone’s budget.

Audien hearing comes in two models, the EV1 and EV3. You can be able to choose from small, medium, and large sizes. Features include superior sound quality, invisibility, cleaning tools, incredible comfort. The models are rechargeable with up to 20 hours of battery life.

The most recent product by Audien Hearing is their EV3. The Ev3 has enhanced features such as better sound clarity, extra small size, and high-speed wireless charging. The EV3 has a microphone for all-around sound detection. It also has an on and off switch to save power when not in use. The cleaning tool is coupled with a screwdriver for volume adjustment.

The comfortability of Audien hearing devices is exceptional. Survey conduct in 2019 rated Audien devices as the most comfortable hearing brand. The shape and ear domes contribute to their comfortability. The models come with various ear domes for a better fit and to reduce whistling sounds.

The company has an online store with 24/7 customer support and an unbeatable price of $89 for EV1 and $249 for the EV3.


Based in Denmark, Widex is among the World’s largest hearing aid companies, thanks to its vast industry experience. Widex uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver pure and natural sound.

Widex provides a variety of models depending on the user’s preferences and customization. Their models range from behind the ear, in the ear, in the canal to the receiver. The hearing aids are water-resistant, and some have rechargeable batteries.

Widex applies artificial intelligence through its mobile application. The app collects data and stores preferable sound settings based on the environment. Widex allows users to adjust and customize hearing aids without having to pay for every small adjustment.

Widex has a tinnitus feature dubbed Zen therapy that helps in relaxation and meditation. Some of the models have noise reduction systems that allow you to get quality sound even in windy environments.

Widex hearing aids are relatively expensive, depending on the additional features and customization.

Widex requires several audiologist appointments for tests, calibration, and fitting of hearing aids.

Widex MOMENT is the latest model with many features, including telecoil, automatic sound adjustments for eleven environments, zen therapy, and useful optimization technologies.

Widex hearing devices are tailored for mild to severe hearing loss, with prices range from $750 to $3000. Widex does not have an online store.


The Swiss-based company has a vast experience in the hearing business since 1947. The company has produced many hearing devices and prides itself in integrating the latest technologies in their brands.

Phonak models come in various styles and are classified as behind the ear, invisible in the canal, in the ear, and receiver in the ear canal. The different models support Bluetooth and sound control capabilities.

Phonak models are not entirely waterproof but have dust resistant and rechargeable battery models. Many of its latest models support Bluetooth streaming capabilities. Phonak technology has a wide variety of services that allow customization of the devices based on hearing habits and lifestyles.

Some of the models have subscription services that will enable you to enjoy prime features. Phonak uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that have the quickest charging and long-lasting impact. The Ultra Zoom feature has noise reduction and directional microphone technology that enhance sound hearing in different environments.

Speech at 360° allows sound focus regardless of the direction and angle it emerges. The AutoSense OS analyzes sound levels after 0.4 seconds and adjusts automatically to the environment.

The latest device is Phonak Audio Paradise, with the following unique features. The Bluetooth pairing of up to eight devices, tap control in receiving and ending phone calls—motion sensors for auto adjustment of noise-canceling and microphone settings.

Various brands help to handle mild to profound hearing loss. Phonak does not have an online store, and its model prices range from $1500 to $3000 based on customization, technology, and subscriptions.


Started in 1904, Oticon is the second-largest hearing aid company in the World. The Danish company has proved itself in providing hearing solutions to millions across the globe. Oticon has integrated various technologies to improve sound quality and hearing experiences.

The various brands are categorized by behind the ear, invisible in the ear’s canal, and receiver in the ear. Most devices come in different colors and support sound control via mobile applications. The hearing devices are waterproof and can be worn in the rain. However, it is not advisable to wear them while swimming or taking a shower.

Its Velox feature provides fast data processing that allows high-speed real-time sound adjustment in different sound environments. The majority supports Bluetooth pairing for android and IOS. Speech Rescue and Speech Guard software allow sound amplification and moderation to maintain friendly sound levels.

The latest brand is the OpnS has superb sound processing coupled with other great features. Some of its capabilities are an all-around sound experience, the effortless pairing of multiple devices, tinnitus relief, and the ability to connect to the internet.

Oticon brands support mild to profound hearing loss with a price range from $1200 to $3560.


It is yet another Danish company founded in 1943. ReSound has continually improved on their products to maintain high levels of sound and technology advancement. Models of resounding come in various categories, including receiver-in-ear, invisible-in-canal, behind-the-ear, completely-in-the-canal, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, and mic-in-helix.

Resound has high processing software that enhances speech processing for better sound. The iSolate Nanotech coating shields the devices from sweat and moisture. The models support Bluetooth connectivity and come in various skin tones.

They are fitted with lithium-ion batteries giving them high-speed charging and long-lasting capabilities. They also have a C6 chip, giving the latest models more memory and more incredible processing speeds. The microphone and receiver-in-ear allow the sound collection in the most natural way possible.

Their Ultra Focus feature allows sound clarity by limiting background noises. The device adjusts accordingly to different environments using the app control. The device has 30 hours of battery life.

Resound does not have an online store but requires one to take an audio test. The price range for hearing aids is from $1900 to $4320.


Starkey is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The company was founded in 1967 as a repair shop. The organization has refined itself to become one of the most extensive hearing aids globally, with over 100 countries and more than 5000 workers.

Starkey hearing gadgets come in various styles, including receiver-in-canal, behind-the-ear, invisible, completely-in-ear, in-the-canal, and in-the-ear. The devices support Bluetooth streaming and connectivity of multiple devices.

Starkey is the first company to add the water-resistant feature in their products. The products support wireless streaming, single-sided technology, tinnitus relief, superior sound quality, and rechargeable battery capability.

The most recent hearing aid is the Livio Edge AI. The model supports artificial intelligence to enhance sound quality and listening experience. Livio Edge AI is one of its kind that supports 27 language translations and audio transcriptions.

It has noise blocking features that allow you to hear crisp, clear sounds in noisy environments. The device has speech boosters that amplify sound making it possible for you to listen to the sound even while wearing a face mask.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows pairing with multiple gadgets and smartphones. Starkey has an app dubbed Thrive Hearing Control that will enable you to adjust sound, customize settings, and track body movements.

Livio Edge AI has another app called Thrive Care that allows users to connect with other customers and share their experiences.

Starkey does not have an online store, and the price ranges from $1290 to $4390.


If you are looking to buy a comfortable, stylish, yet discreet device, this is the brand to check. It is almost invisible as it has the in-the-canal sparing you embarrassing encounters. It has silicone flanges that ensure your ear is comfortable and in place.

The hearing aid is already assembled, so you do not have to go through the trouble of setting it up. It also caters to different levels of hearing loss as it contains four other sound profiles. The user only needs to switch to the most suitable profile by tapping on the ear.

The device captures the user’s sound preference and adjusts during use; hence no need to reset after use. Eargo works with healthcare professionals who can assist with the patients’ questions and concerns. Also, one can purchase the devices from the company.

Neo HiFi is the latest model that serves people with mild to severe hearing loss. It has an improved noise and feedback reduction that enables the user to listen from their desired source with much clarity.

The device comes in a set of two, easy to pair up with an app, adjust sounds, and link up with a hearing professional. One can access their services from their online store, and the price range from $1650- $2750


Founded in 1948 by Arnold Dahlberg, the American company has a wide variety of products that offer hearing solutions. Products come in three main styles, complete-in-canal, receiver, in-canal, and behind-the-ear.

The products have four significant features: discreet, rechargeable, connectable, and functional. Discreet features mean that their products come all in size. The small nature allows better sound concentration, enhanced comfortability, and fit.

The devices also have reduced noise irrespective of the environment. Rechargeable feature labeled Miracle-EarENERGY built-in lithium-ion batteries allow 24 hours battery life. Due to the battery technology, users enjoy seamless Bluetooth connection, voice recognition, and directional microphone.

Connectable or Miracle-EarCONNECT allows pairing with a computer, phone, and TV for voice streaming. The technology allows remote control and easy switching between connected gadgets.

The MIracle-EarEASY or functional feature allows customization of the device to suit your preferences and budget. The machines are lightweight and very comfortable. Their mobile app will enable you to control the device easily.

Their products’ price range is $1000 to $4000, but they do not have an online store. Click here to Learn more about hearing aids.